Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Check lList of what to do after MSc. Physics

One thought which is very common to us all is “What will we do after M.Sc. Physics?” All of us struggle with this question at some point of time, especially when we are in final year, and would be soon leaving student life to enter the “real” world. We feel tensed when we see our peers in professional courses getting instant jobs. But don’t feel inferior. Physics is a very wide and bright field. Only patience is required.

So, just for a start and for those who are aware of only limited career choices after p.g. in physics, I am listing some options which students can opt for. I would look forward for all of you to add any option you are aware of, so that more and more number of pass outs settle at one place or the other of their choice.

  1. Ph.D. from IIT’s, Delhi University, Panjab Univeristy, Kurukshetra University etc.
  2. Fill in forms like








  1. ONGC- a very good option for job. Especially for those who have electronics as a subject in final year.
  2. Ministry of Renewable Energy- job profile would be that of a scientist.
  3. DRDO-again as a scientist
  4. Printing press industries
  5. Forensic Science
  6. Research Associate under a professor would help get u in PhD.
  7. INFOSYS for a good professional job
  8. WALL STREET in USA is a big employer of Physicist. amazing to know, right?

That’s it for now, but this list will keep on growing, and I hope to get contribution from all.KEEP ADDING ON REGULAR BASIS.

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Physics KUK said...

applause for vinamrita for this informative article.....
I would like to add one more aspect after MSc .i.e. GRE for studies/research in US/CANADA and some other countries. This is also very good carrier option infact. Where you can earn money while doing research also.
Again thanks Vinamrita...