Friday, August 28, 2009

Preparation for NET-JRF

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As promised earlier, I am starting a series on preparation and strategic planning for NET-JRF. In this series, I will focus on TOPIC WISE study aspect of these competition exams. I will start from a topic say Quantum Mechanics and describe how to prepare this part. We will put stress on material which can help us to crack exams. I can suggest you a number of books for improvement of basic knowledge of subject, It will surely help you in interviews. But before then that we need to pass the exams first. So give priority to the exams. I am so much confident about my techniques that I can bet on 80% success ratio but it depends on your active participation also. This is not a small thing considering the number of students appearing.

Here we go ....

*** means most important

** important

* single reading is sufficient

# can be avoided

( ) relevant material

IV. Quantum Mechanics
Wave-particle duality***; Wave functions in coordinate and momentum representations**;
Commutators and Heisenberg's uncertainty principle***; Matrix representation; Dirac’s bra and
ket notation; Schrodinger equation (time-dependent and time-independent); Eigenvalue
problems ****(MI results ache se yaad hone chahiye….)such as particle-in-a-box, harmonic oscillator, etc.; Tunneling through a barrier;
Motion in a central potential; Orbital angular momentum**, Angular momentum algebra**, spin; Addition of angular momenta; Hydrogen atom***, spin-orbit coupling, fine structure; (Zetlee ki book se solved examples….)Time independent
perturbation theory and applications*; Variational method; WKB approximation;
Time dependent perturbation theory and Fermi's Golden Rule (results only); Selection rules; Semi-classical theory of radiation; Elementary theory of scattering, phase shifts, partial waves, Born
approximation**(results only); Identical particles, Pauli's exclusion principle, spin-statistics connection;
Relativistic quantum mechanics: Klein Gordon and Dirac equations.

In summary, in QM main thing is five problems based on Schrodinger eq. i.e. particle in box, Hydrogen atom. etc..
keep all results in mind...for obj. and for mains try solving short answer type problems from Zetlee.. problem related to uncertainty principle and pauli exclusion is also imp. Commutation relation or brackets are also important.
I can explain topic wise also. but for that discuss your specific problems. Keep in touch and mail your queries.
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