Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"kya karein kya na karein yeh kaisi mushkil haye. koi toh batade iska hal toh mere bhai..."

Stuck in such a mind-boggling situation? Well all fiends out there,Unfortunately, its not only love we are talking about here, but also ITS OUR FUTURE.

A bond enduring the bodies which once belonged to Department of Physics, K.U.K. has been created here for ALL OF US to "mix and match" and unite our minds towards integration. I welcome all of you to this Family wether You are a senior member of this family or a fresher. It is an objective of in sync for us to jointly have ourselves represent generative, creative and inventive ideas, and suggestions for all those in need and achieve what we deserve to be. It's a pleasure to invite old friends and associates to join together and share their inimitable experiences at your blog spot. try to find out your bustum buddy at this platform. You will find him/her for sure, sooner or later, if we can combine our efforts.
This allocation is being carried for the purpose of helping those who find themselves in a turmoil. Any and all types of problems related to career, jobs, competitive exams, post graduation, subject, etc could be openly discussed. Not only help related to future, but related to syllabus, reference books, notes, JRF/NET, and practically anything and everything can be approached. It is an initiation to bring the people of Physics department to a common platform. We had a great time together in the Department and seek to have a fruitful communication here as well, which would benefit all. Share your problems. SOME OF US MIGHT HAVE FACED SIMILAR SITUATION, we can share our experience and can definitely motivate you in that case. Hope you all got my point. So, I formally invite you, come, join and share your knowledge with your peers, and see how it broadens your horizons.
One more thing I will say to all my dear friends, It is our combined effort that can initiate this process. Once started every fellow will share his/her responsibility.
K.U.K. Physics

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